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Happy Engineers’ Day: Five Fun Things That Only Engineering Students Can Relate To

Engineering, a four-year-long (sometimes five) course, is a widely popular professional track that sees a plethora of students — interested or forced — walk on it to achieve success in their lives. An engineering college is a special place for so many reasons. People entering the premises of an engineering college exit the gates with a collection of memories, lessons, and relationships.

Here are five fun things that you can only experience if you’re a student studying in an engineering college:

Lightning-fast Mornings, Snail-like Days

Engineers create marvellous things in their professional careers. But one thing that they cannot create is a schedule. All-nighters are a part of life during college days. Despite the varied number of hours of sleep, students never miss their morning class. It takes an engineering student not more than 5 minutes to cover the journey from the bed to the class’s bench.

Hostel Wars and Warriors

College Hostels are a different world altogether. Every hostel has its own motto, own way of living, and individual set of students. Once you become a part of a particular hostel, you become clan warriors whose sole purpose is to save their hostels’ reputation. Engineering colleges organize multiple inter-hostel competitions that give you a chance to prove your loyalty to the hostel you live in.

Fearing And Not Fearing The Exams At The Same Time

This is one of the most mysterious psychological phenomena that engineering students go through, except the studious ones. During the exam season, there lingers a weird sense of fear in the halls and dorms of the hostel. Nights become more silent than ever. But there comes a critical point for underprepared students when they suddenly stop fearing exams, even though exams are all they can think about. According to us, it is a sense of relief induced by seeing others being equally messed up.

Shattering Deadlines Like A Daredevil

As we have established before, engineering students see all colours of life during their four years of college. It also teaches you how to daringly deal with deadlines. No matter how late you start cutting down your pile of assignments, engineering students magically manage to submit their reports on time, even though what they’ve written has come from unexplainable sources.

50 Shades Of Placement

For engineering colleges, it is a season when companies come to hire eligible employees. But for engineering students, it is an emotion. It is the only time when students actually care about building a CV, and some fail lavishly. Humble attempts to hide the splashes of one or more backs with a thick coat of skills is what lies at the crux of the placement season. This is also the time when every moment, bad and good, goes past your eyes in one swift motion.

An Engineering college ensures a mixed-bad of experiences that prepares you for the hardships of the real world. It is like a crash course of life. From the worst to the best moments of life, engineering college is a world that people seldom forget about in the later parts of life.

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Source: News18