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Kerala Police Chief Directs Personnel Not to Circulate Voice Clip of Their Conversation With Judicial Officers

Kerala police chief Anil Kant has issued a circular directing police personnel not to circulate recorded telephonic conversations of judicial officers through social media, saying such action will tarnish the reputation of the judiciary as a whole. The circular was issued on September 11 after the Kerala High Court took note of the act of a police officer in recording the conversation he had with a judicial first class magistrate in Thiruvananthapuram district and publishing the voice clip in the social media.

The magistrate was heard using unsavoury language against the police officer on a conversation over mobile phone. Intervening in the matter, the high court had said the act of police personnel has resulted in tarnishing the image of the judiciary and directed the state police chief to take necessary action for issuing general directions in this regard.

“Under the above circumstances, it is directed to all police officers/personnel to be more vigilant while using social media platforms and avoid occurrences of such incidents in future, which will tarnish the reputation of judiciary before the public”, the circular said. In the circular sent to all chiefs of district police, the state police chief also said henceforth any such act from the part of police officers/personnel will be viewed seriously and will attract disciplinary action.

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Source: News18