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Binomo & Lakshyam organized a charity event for those in need in Delhi & Jharkhand

Binomo held a large-scale charity event under the slogan “We give back to the community” in the slums of Delhi and Jharkhand. It took place on 23, 24, and 29 August 2021. In collaboration with Lakshyam, Binomo distributed Ration kits, Solar lamps, and Sewing machines to needy families. In addition, they installed a water cooler in the NCR area of Delhi.

The first event took place in the slum area of Kirby Place in Delhi Cantonment. About 5,000 families have been residing here for the past 22 years without any electricity. There is just one example of the sad condition in which they live.


Binomo has distributed 100 Solar lamps to families of children who study in the area for them to learn even in the dark hours. The purpose of this event was to help children and their families understand the importance of education.

An equally important development was the installation of a water cooler in the NCR area of Delhi. Now, the locals can enjoy clean drinking water.

Binomo Lakshyam

The charity event was attended by the MLA of Delhi Cantonment, Mr. Virender Singh, and SHO (Dhaula Kuan), Mr. Jagdish Rai. They appreciated Binomo and Lakshyam for doing on-ground work in the area to make significant changes.

Also, one of Binomo’s missions is to create women entrepreneurs by providing them skilled based training and materials to achieve it. So after the Solar lamps were distributed, the company handed 20 Sewing machines to women to earn a living and support their families by doing skilled jobs.

The next day, Binomo distributed 200 Ration kits to the families living in the slums of Delhi and Jharkhand. The company has also taken similar initiatives in the past to help those in need during difficult times. Today, Binomo continued to fight against poverty and pandemic, along with other caring people.

For the third charity event, Binomo partnered with Lakshyam to distribute Ration kits to 100 families living in Namkum village on the outskirts of Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand state. The purpose of spreading the Ration kits was solely for the relief work they are doing to support the less privileged.

About Binomo

Founded in 2014, Binomo is not only a company that provides a unique and reliable trading platform for traders to get additional income. It is, first of all, caring people who are ready to help disadvantaged and oppressed communities. They are committed to the idea of everyone’s right to education and dignified life.

About Lakshyam

Established in 2012, Lakshyam is a social organization devoted to working for the destitute and suppressed communities, especially children and women. We are engaged in the field of child education, holistic child development, and women empowerment.

The actions of the companies speak louder than words. Binomo & Lakshyam have organized a significant charity event by giving away 200 Ration kits, 20 Sewing machines, 100 Solar lamps, and installed a water cooler. But most of all, we are glad that such charity events in India are held frequently and will continue to be held thanks to Binomo & Lakshyam.

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