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‘Everyone is unhappy’: Blunt Nitin Gadkari highlights politicians’ greed in THIS viral video – Watch


New Delhi: Do the politicians in Indian work for the people or are just hungry for power? Union Minister Nitin Gadkari weighed in on this subject, a clip of which has gone viral on social media.

Highlighting the greed of the politicians in this era in a humourous take, Gadkari said that everyone is unhappy with the position they get.

“MLAs weren’t happy as they couldn’t become ministers, ministers were unhappy as they couldn’t get good departments, those with good departments were unhappy as they couldn’t become the Chief Minister and the CM is worried about how long will they be able to continue,” said Gadkari while addressing a seminar on ‘Parliamentary System and People’s Expectations’ in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly in Jaipur on Monday (September 14).

What makes the statement more interesting and rather ironic is that it came soon after former Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani was replaced by Bhupendra Patel in a surprise move by the BJP. Of course, Rupani didn’t let out even the slightest hint of being unhappy.

This did not just happen in Gujarat. Recently, Karnataka also saw a change of CM as Basavaraj Bommai replaced BS Yediyurappa.

However, Uttarakhand became the state that really stood out in this regard. The state saw three Chief Ministers in four months.

This is what has made Gadkari’s otherwise casual remark go viral as the netizens wondered if everything is alright within the party.

Watch the viral video here:

Gadkari further pointed out that the real objective of politics is to bring about a change in the life of the common man standing last in the queue but “unfortunately, it is considered nowadays a means to grab power”.

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