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Bihar Decides to Publish Zonewise List of all Government Plots to End Land Disputes

The Bihar government has decided to publish the zonal lists of all government plots in the state. The government is aiming to end the land disputes in Bihar with this step. The officials said that after the implementation of this initiative of the government, the land mafia in Bihar will not be able to sell government lands to anyone by fooling them.  The decision has been taken after it came to notice that brokers fool the people in registration and documentation of land.

The Revenue and Land Reforms Department of the Bihar government has decided that the list of all government plots in the state will be made zone-wise. The zonal list of all government plots will be handed over to the registration department. The officials of the registration department will ask the consumers to furnish all the relevant documents for getting land registered on their names.

According to officials, the fraudsters will not be able to do the registration of land as the department will check the papers before going ahead with the process. The brokers used to provide registry papers of the same lands to two or more property buyers which often lead to disputes.

Currently, the Bihar government is conducting a land survey. During the survey, records of government lands are also being collected. The survey of lands is currently being done only in 20 districts, later the work will start in the remaining 18 districts.

The Revenue and Land Reforms Department has written a letter to the DMs of all the districts of Bihar to make a list of government land available for development and registration.

Officials said that several cases of land disputes have also led to clashes and even murders in the past. Crime related to land disputes have increased in the past few months and hence the government has come up with the initiative under which the zonal lists of all government plots in the state will be published.

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Source: News18