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#YesAllWomen vs #NotAllMen: Twitter the New Battleground Against Misogyny

The battle against patriarchy and misogyny is being fought not just on the streets of our cities but most vociferously on social media.

Following the massive outrage over the Bengaluru molestation incident, many men took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend their gender — using the hashtag #NotAllMen. It was ostensibly a bid to remind women folk that not all men are molesters, rapists or even patriarchal. It massively backfired and how.

Women and men have hit back with #YesAllWomen, in turn reminding these men that their facile attempt at making the conversation about themselves instead of the women who were assaulted on New Year’s Eve is a disservice to the issue of women’s safety. The fact is, almost every woman has at some point or the other in her life has been a victim of unwanted overtures, has been groped and molested and that tragically is the daily reality for women in any public space (and often, even at home) — a reality that #NotAllMen can fathom.

#NotAllMen, but ENOUGH men. #NotAllMen, but #YesAllWomen.

— Indian Feminism (@IndianFeminism) January 4, 2017

Of course #NotAllMen. Not all men live with the fear of rape, molestation, sexual assault & physical violence. But #YesAllWomen do.

— Amena (@Fashionopolis) January 3, 2017

Logic of #NotAllMen

— Sherlock (@engineerology) January 3, 2017

#NotAllMen? Indeed. But yes all women. ALL women have been molested or assaulted or groped or catcalled at least once. #YESALLWOMEN

— Kapoor Neha (@PWNeha) January 2, 2017

#NotAllMen because in an incident involving the molestation of women, random men were the real victims.

— Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) January 3, 2017

#YesAllWomen fear for their safety every time they rebuff an over-eager man. #MaleEntitlement

— Feminism in India (@FeminismInIndia) January 4, 2017

This is why we need to #stopvictimblaming. It’s NOT about women, it’s about the men. #YesAllWomen face abuse irrespective of their attire.

— Feminism in India (@FeminismInIndia) January 4, 2017

I will wear what I want & I will go out when I want…teach your sons not us #bangaloremolestation #YesAllWomen #bengalurushame #democracy

— Riya (@RiyaIsLife) January 4, 2017

More power to these women and men. Follow the #YesAllWomen hashtag that’s now started a conversation- emboldening women to come out and share their stories of dealing with assault and misogyny.

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