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Kapil Mishra`s big expose: Satyendra Jain settled Rs 50 crore land deal for Arvind Kejriwal`s brother-in-law

Delhi: A day after Kapil Mishra accused Arvind Kejriwal of taking Rs two crore from his Cabinet colleague, the sacked Delhi minister claimed on Monday that he was told by Health Minister Satyendar Jain that he was ‘settling a Rs 50 crore land deal’ for Delhi Chief Minister’s brother-in-law in Chhattarpur area.

“Satyendar Jain himself told me that he managed a Rs 50 crore land deal in Chhattarpur (south Delhi) for Kejriwal’s brother-in-law. The deal was finalised for the Bansal family,” he said, addressing a press conference.

“Saying I am colluding with BJP is baseless. Everyone knows I have been the most vocal critic of BJP and Modi ji in AAP. I’m fighting against corruption,” Mishra maintained.

He challenged AAP leaders to throw him out of the party. “I will not leave AAP. If decisions are made behind the closed doors then I will not accept them. Who will stay in party and who will not will be decided by the people.”

“Let files and documents of all ministers be made public, then we shall see who should be suspended, he said.

He went on to says, “AAP tickets were bought during Delhi MCD polls.”

At the same time, former water minister today submitted documents to the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) to back his allegations that Kejriwal had delayed the probe into a Rs 400 crore tanker scam.

Mishra, whose surprise sacking came days after he sided with senior party leader Kumar Vishwas who has been at loggerheads with the AAP leadership, had said yesterday, “I saw with my own eyes Jain giving Rs 2 crore in cash to Kejriwal at his residence. When I asked Kejriwal, he said such things happen in politics and it will be revealed later.

He had also told reporters after paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi at his memorial at Rajghat that Jain, the Health and PWD minister in AAP government, had told him “personally” that he had “settled a land deal of Kejriwal’s relative”.

“Jain personally told me that he had settled a land deal worth Rs 50 crore of Kejriwal’s relative. When I told Kejriwal, he said that it was a lie and asked me to have faith in him,” he had said.

Mishra had claimed that he was removed after he put pressure on the party leaders over matters of “corruption” that have been taking rounds for quite some time.

“I want to ask if it was so, why did not Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister) say it earlier. If they were fooling people when they were talking about work done by their government in developing water supply in the city,” the former Delhi Water minister said.

For a long time, talks about different types of “corruption” involving fundings, Punjab elections and Delhi government have been making rounds, he had further said.

On the other hand, Sisodia had said yesterday that the allegations of corruption levelled by Mishra did not merit a response.

“His allegations do not merit a response. He has been sacked due to poor performance. The allegations are so absurd and there are no facts,” he had said.

Meanwhile, today AAP alleged that a big conspiracy was being hatched against it by the BJP through Mishra and said that Kejriwal would not resign over the “baseless allegations”.

The party asserted that was Mishra was making baseless allegations against Kejriwal “out of desperation” after being expelled from the Cabinet.

“A game of exploitation is being played against the AAP. The BJP is hatching a conspiracy against the AAP through Mishra,” AAP leader Sanjay Singh told reporters during a press conference.

Hitting out at Mishra over his allegations of corruption against Kejriwal, Singh claimed Mishra had himself written a letter to the ACB in September last year, saying that the anti-graft body was trying to implicate the chief minister in the water tanker scam under pressure even when his name was not mentioned in the evidence.

(With PTI inputs)

Source: Zee News