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Magnificient shot! King Cobra eating another giant reptile in this rare photo, pic goes viral


New Delhi: A picture of a king cobra gulping down another cobra is the latest addition to the category of a scary thing, and has gone viral on the internet. The video has left internet users astonished who have been dropping all sorts of comments on it. 

The incredible picture of the giant reptile feeding on the spectacle cobra was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter. “Ophiophagus Hannah. A king cobra eating a spectacled cobra. They feed on lesser mortals,” he wrote while sharing the picture.

“‘Ophiophagus’ is derived from Greek, meaning ‘snake-eating’ and hannah is derived from the name of tree-dwelling nymphs in Greek mythology. So king living true to its name,” the IFS officer wrote, explaining the origin of the nomenclature.

And keeping up with his practice, the IFS officer informed his science-loving followers that king cobra is the only snake that builds his nests.

Replying to one user about how happy the reptile, the officer also added that king cobras are foodie when it comes to other snakes. Saying that rat snakes are their favourite pick, Kaswan quipped, “They swallow big rat snake as it is. It fits in their body. They live happily ever after.”

The stunning photo quickly garnered a lot of attention online. While some applauded the IFS officer for the picture, calling it his ‘best click’, others were amazed to know that cobra’s eat other snakes. Most of his followers just couldn’t stop themselves from talking about the excellent timing of the shot. 

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