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Bengaluru New Year Horror: Share your Experience

First published: January 4, 2017, 2:19 PM IST | Updated: 9 mins ago

December 31 proved to be a night off horrors for women who stepped out looking for a night of merriment. MG Road, Brigade Road and Church Street – the glitzy heart of India’s tech capital transformed into a melee where drunken revellers shouted lewd remarks, harassed and even molested women on the streets. All this, even as state government claimed that 1500 policemen were deployed in the area.

A day later, a shocking CCTV video has surfaced, showing a woman being followed, groped and beaten to the ground by perpetrators. This time, the location was’t a party destination along a high street, but a quiet residential neighborhood. What ails Bengaluru? News18 is looking to give Bangaloreans a voice.

If you have been a victim or a witness of the night’s horrors, tell us about it in the form below.

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