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Prominent Bengalureans React to Molestation Case With Horror And Despair

First published: January 4, 2017, 12:35 PM IST | Updated: 10 mins ago

CCTV footage of two men trying to sexually assault a woman in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Prominent citizens of Bengaluru reacted in horror and despair on Wednesday after CCTV footage came to light of a women being groped and assaulted by two bike-borne men on New Year’s Eve.

Prominent activist Ranjana said, “There is no action, there has been no punishment in these cases. It’s very unfortunate that on one hand we keep blaming the migrants but this is something else.”

“These people must be punished and must feel ashamed of these activities. This sends a message of what kinds of brats parents are raising. No action has been taken in Bangalore,” she added.

Tech magnate Mohandas Pai, another prominent Bengalurean, put the onus on the city police to take stricter preventive measures to stop such incidents from taking place.

“Police should have stricter action. There should be a show of force at places where people gather.There was a lack of enforcement at that point of time. The police should have caught the miscreants immediately and taken them behind bars. If they would’ve made a few arrests, the situation could’ve been different,” he said.

Brinda Adige, another prominent activist, said, I am ashamed, outraged and angry that these men continue molesting and abusing women with with impunity. Blame squarely lies with politicians who make obnoxious shameful statements that it is because of clothes, western thinking. This is what encourages men to continue because they know no one will fault or punish them.”

Actress and politician Nagma said these incidents are unfortunate. “Unfortunate what is happening. All this is happening across the nation whether it’s in Haryana or Karnataka, and we have seen recently how people have molested and even killed girls. We must not be selective about one state. This also happens in haryana and we see leaders in all parties making obnoxious statements. We are still living in a regressive society,” she said.