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In a First, Bridge Construction to be Completed in 20 Days in Gujarat’s Valsad

For the first time in India, a bridge will be ready within a span of 20 days. Nearly 75% of work on the Valsad road overbridge has been completed and it will be ready by June 22. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 4.5 crore.

“Around 75% of the construction work was completed within a week. The construction started on June 2 and we are confident of finishing the work within 20 days,” Shyam Singh, chief general manager of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) told the Mumbai Mirror. The state government had allowed road traffic block for 20 days for the purpose, he added.

Usually, completion of such a construction task takes 100 days of non-stop work but keeping in mind the significance of this road which connects Valsad East to Valsad West, a traffic closure of 100 days would have been impossible. Hence the authorities moved to precast and installation type of construction. Four heavy-duty hydraulic cranes with capacity varying from 300 MT to 500 MT are being used to install these segments of the bridge.

Considering the situation, the Dedicated Freight Corridor initiated this innovative approach to complete the work on Valsad ROB in Gujarat on the WDFC with minimal traffic disturbance.

The decision to speed up construction was also taken due to the continued disruption of construction activities amid pandemic. This also impacted the work in the Vaitarna–Sachin section of the Western DFC which faced a bottleneck, where crossing a ROB near Valsad town in south Gujarat was difficult.

Thinking out of the box, the project team proposed a solution for speedy work, they decided to insert a twin precast box on the approach of ROB to take the new track construction machine forward through it. Reportedly, the biggest challenge in this was the road traffic block, hence it was decided to complete the work within 20 days.

The project team has also designed a special carrier using a multi-axle trailer fitted with a steel platform on it. The fabrication of the steel platform was completely done at site even during the period when the industrial oxygen supply was prohibited in the country.

The 2,800 Km route of the whole WDFC and EDFC (excluding the Sonnagar – Dankuni PPP section) is expected to be commissioned by June 2022. DFCC aims to decongest the existing Indian Railway network and increase the average speed of goods trains from the existing 25 to 70 kmph.

In 2018, the Indian Army built a foot-over-bridge connecting the Elphinstone Road and Parel stations in a record 117 days.

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Source: News18