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‘Mamata Banerjee’ to ‘Marry Socialism’ in Tamil Nadu on June 13: Don’t Believe Us? Read Here

A wedding invitation card of a young couple from Tamil Nadu’s Salem district has created quite a buzz on social media these days. The names of the bride and groom – Mamata Banerjee and Socialism – have grabbed the attention of netizens. The wedding will happen on June 13. Yes, you read the names right!

Not only this, the family of Socialism has also its own enthralling history. Mohan, father of Socialism, said that he has three sons named Communism, Leninism and Socialism. Mohan further shared that the name of his grandson (son of Communism) is Marxism. Quite interesting, right?

Mohan is the district secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI). The entrancing wedding to be led by Mutharasan, State Secretary of CPI(M) and Subbarayan MP, State Deputy Secretary of CPI(M).

Let’s know more interesting things about Mohan’s family.

Speaking over the phone, Mohan briefly and candidly talked about his family roots. “Our family belongs to communism. Communism has spread over Kattur area of Salem about 80 years ago. We belong to communism right from my forefather’s period and I am the fourth generation. This particular area in Salem carries many unique (leaders and country) names like Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, Moscow, Russia, etc. The reason that I chose to name my children that weighs communism ideology is when the soviet union broke during the ’90s. I decided to name my children with strong communist ideology when my wife was pregnant. So I named my first child Communism. Later, when Leninism was born, I was hiding away from home since being alleged on a false case for 15 days. Thirdly, we gave birth to Socialism. I was waiting to name Marxia if it’s a girl baby,” he said.

When asked if his sons are keen on communism ideology, Mohan said, “My sons always stood for people’s rights from childhood. And I motivated them to participate in party meetings right from the age of 5. After growing, they share their part in many protests and they are members of CPI(M) too. It was back in 2009 when around 2,000 students from Tamil Nadu went to participate in a protest held in Delhi, where Communism and Leninism were among the protesters.”

On being asked about any unforgettable incidents in life so far due to such names, Mohan shared that when Communism was 3-year-old, he got sick and was needed to get admitted in a hospital. After coming to know about the name of the child, the doctor refused to admit him and the family had to take the child to another hospital in Salem. “We struggled during the admission of my children during the mid ’90s, facing questions of revolution. On the other hand, people admired their names during their college days, since the names are trying to whip up enthusiasm among the students. My first son Communism is a lawyer by profession, where he gained respect from Judges mainly because of his name.”

“The place where we reside is circled only with families of Communist and Congress for the past 60 years. Mamata Banerjee, our bride to be is from our relative circle. My children cannot be bullied for the names they carry. Rather, we are proud to have it. Even Periyar, after returning from Soviet Country (1945-50′), named his children Moscow, Russia. People won’t get astonished by hearing names like Palanisamy, Kandasamy, Munusamy in Tamil Nadu. But they are astonished to hear names from communist ideology that has been disseminated all over the world. So, we have decided to name our future generations only with the names of communist ideology. None of my sons has received a girl baby yet. If that happens, we have decided to name her Cubaism. Communism will never perish, Communism will last as long as humans exist, I believe,” Mohan added.

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Source: News18