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POLL: How safe do women feel in India?

Just four days into 2017 and women’s safety is once again in focus, with the outrage over the mass molestation of women by a mob on New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru and another woman being molested just 50 metres away from her home in India’s Garden City.

According to the 2015 data released by the National Crime Records Bureau, the number of reported crimes against women were 3,27,394, a drop compared to 3,37,922 cases in 2014.

So, you tell us. How safe do you feel? Take this poll and tell us if anything’s changed, for the better or worse. 

1) Which is the safest mode of public transport in India?

2) Which metro in India is the most unsafe for women?

3) Do anti-rape protests help bring about a change in society?

4) Is the way you dress an invitation to rape?

5) Are laws an effective deterrent?

6) Have politicians created a safe environment?

7) Has the media help enforce changes in crimes against women?

8) Are apps helpful to protect women?

9) Are self-defence classes helpful?

10) Do women misuse anti-rape laws?

11) Should minors who commit rapes be treated as adults?

12) Who is responsible for women’s safety?

Source: Rediff