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Caught on Camera: Woman molested, manhandled in Bengaluru on New Year's eve

Four days after the New Year eve revelry turned into a nightmare for several women in Bengaluru, the shocking footage of a woman being molested by two men waiting in an alley has emerged.

Several women were allegedly molested at a large gathering in the city’s downtown area. The incidents drew widespread outrage with little or no action from the police.

The incident reportedly took place around 2:30 am on Sunday and was recorded by a CCTV camera installed in a nearby house.

In the two-minute video, you can see two men on a scooter blocking the woman’s path and groping her.

One of the men is also seen dragging her towards the scooter even as the victim attempts to slap and resist him.

While she continues to resist, they push her to the ground before escaping from the alley.

Look at the accomplices standing at the end of the road. Horrifying how the beasts crawl out under the cover of darkness in #Bengaluru

— T S Sudhir (@Iamtssudhir) January 4, 2017

Meanwhile, the police claims to have found “credible” evidence of molestation and have registered an FIR.

“As promised, we have found credible evidence repeat credible evidence in a case of wrongful confinement, molestation and attempt to rob,” Bengaluru’s new Commissioner of Police, Praveen ​Sood had said in a tweet.

“We have taken action by registering an FIR. Investigation is in progress. Police is working…. though silently,” he had said in another tweet.

In the New Year’s eve incident eyewitness accounts suggested that women were molested and groped while lewd remarks were passed by miscreants late at night on December 31 in the posh area even as 1,500 police personnel were allegedly deployed to control the crowds.