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Amma canteen vandalised in Chennai, DMK owns fault after AIADMK shares footage


Chennai: Two days after DMK’s victory in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, the AIADMK alleged that an Amma canteen was vandalised in Chennai.

The party shared a video showing three to four people removing banners from the canteen and trashing the property.

The Amma canteens were launched by the ousted AIADMK government which provided subsidised meals for the poor. The canteen sells Idlis for Rs 1 and a plate of Sambhar Rice at Rs 5.

Following the complaint, the DMK admitted the fault of its party workers and said that corrective steps are being taken.

“Today we got a message, Amma canteen was vandalized in Chennai. We got to know that 2 people were involved in this. These two are just ordinary DMK cadres, they don’t hold a post in DMK. We ourselves gave a complaint about these two and they were arrested,” Ma Subramanian, DMK MLA, was quoted as saying by ANI.

The recently concluded assembly elections saw DMK bag 133 seats, well above the halfway mark of 118. The AIADMK was restricted to just 66 seats.

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