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Telangana: Woman Who Teaches NRI Students Online Enthralls Telugu Audiences as Part-time RJ

Through online classes, this woman from a Telangana village in Khammam district teaches Telugu people across the world. While she is maintaining a “Busy Bee” Online Learning Centre, she doubles up as a radio jockey with TeluguOne Radio.

Udathaneni Himabindu has carved a niche for herself through her own YouTube Channel and proving her latent talent and caliber.

Having pursued her graduation, Himabindu was married to a software engineer 10 years ago. The young mother to a boy wanted to do something in her life. Her zeal and zest for doing something unique has pushed her to prove her mettle in multiple ways.

Himabindu tried her best to make use of every opportunity to move on a unique path to teaching and become closer to the people as an RJ as well.

As her husband switched places for the job, she stayed in the US, Delhi and Hyderabad and finally got back to a village in Khammam district. Now, due to the corona pandemic her husband is working from home and she is connecting the outside world through her classes and radio job.

She turned her Busy Bee Institute into an online school and began teaching in multiple subjects through her friends. She made a thorough study on the online classes, practices and methods during her stint in the US. Though initially faced some teething problems, Himabindu tide over the same through her friend Shirisha. Now, she is able to provide employment to 35 tutors in various subjects.

They successfully give training in general academic subjects and others such as Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Vedic Maths, Cubic Maths, Telugu, Hindi, English, music vocal and instruments and dance and others.

They are taking classes for Indian students in foreign countries for 45 minutes.

When she was in Delhi, she got training in PPTC and joined a nursery school as a teacher. Not happy with that, a determined Himabindu upon her friend’s suggestion has taken training as a radio jockey. She began her new job as an RJ by conducting an interview of noted Telugu actress Savithri’s daughter and got accolades. Then an unknown follower of Savithri has sent Himabindu a cheque of $100. With this encouragement the woman proceeded to sharpen her skills and prove her talent.

While teaching online classes, she began her own YouTube channel to involve as an RJ. She used to air her programmes through YouTube.

During her stay in Hyderabad at Vidyanagar with her sister, Himabindu pursued her general degree. In 2006, she worked as an invigilator at IIT Foundation School during exams on Sundays and used to earn Rs 200. With this she sharpened her ideas to do something her own. Himabindu now stays in a village in Mushtibanda in Khammam district. Her friends and family members appreciate her alike for the talent and skills.

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Source: News18