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Sitting on swings during free time rejuvenates my mind: PM Narendra Modi on Pariksha Pe Charcha


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (April 7) advised students on how to use the free time during studies while interacting with them at `Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021` via video conferencing.

“It needs to be kept in mind that what should be avoided in free time, otherwise those things will be consumed all the time. In the end, you will get fed up instead of being refreshed. You will start feeling tired,” PM Modi said while answering a question of a student over how to use free time during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister added that when he has free time, he enjoys spending time on a swing. “When I’m feeling tired, when i have a five-minute break or even if I have a bit of work, I don’t know why, but sitting on a swing rejuvenates my mind,” he said.

PM Modi further said “Do not consider free time as empty. It is a treasure, privilege and opportunity.”

PM Modi said to students that “when you earn free time, you get to know its highest value. Therefore, your life should be such that when you earn free time, it will give you immense pleasure”.

The Prime Minister said, “In our spare time, we need to increase our curiosity about what other things we can do that will probably be very productive.”

He also advised teachers to talk to students out of the syllabus, adding that rather than stopping students from something, teachers should encourage them to be their best version.

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Source: Zee News