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Video of monkey helping woman cut vegetables leaves netizens amused – Watch


New Delhi: A recent video that has been doing the rounds on social media is of a monkey in a kitchen helping a human cut vegetables.

The nearly one-minute video shared by a Twitter user named Aman Preet shows the monkey sitting on a kitchen counter and quickly ‘cutting’ vegetables handed over to it presumably the owner.

The tweet reads: ‘It is so that if we decide to do something, then we get the most work done from both humans and monkeys !! Woman power’.


Only a hand is visible as woman ‘puts the vegetable in a bowl placed in front of the monkey, who swiftly starts ‘cutting’ it. It appears that the monkey has been trained in helping out with house hold chores as it does his job perfectly, much to the amusement of the twitterati. 

Here’s how people reacted:

One remarked on women being best managers.

Another joking said, only a woman could achieve this.

One user compared the monkey’s expression with that of a child.

This user compared the scene with Darwin’s theory of eveolution.

This video has gathered more than 11 thousand views with an outpouring of comments too.

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Source: Zee News