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Watch: Mumbai-based trekkers collect over 250 alcohol bottles at Harishchandragad

Giving trekking a new twist, five city-based trekkers dedicate one week of the year to carry out a social initiative at Harishchandragad.

Swapnil Pawar (28), founder of Raanvata recently posted a video on social media which showed over 250 alcohol bottles collected by them on the way to Harishchandragad.

Speaking about the video, Swapnil, a resident of Thane, said, “Within four days, the video has gone viral on social media. Many people are circulating it on the WhatsApp groups. We are amazed with the response. Out of the seven days we stayed there, we shot the video only on the day we carried out the initiative.” Many people appreciated the work done by five volunteers.

Expressing about why they started with the initiative, Pawar, added, “We have been doing social work on Harishchandragad for the past 11 years. The initiative includes collecting plastic bags and bottles, alcohol bottles and clean-up of dry waste. This year, we found maximum number of alcohol bottles.”

“We took the help of local tribals in the area to collect the alcohol bottles and bring them down from the fort to dustbin point. We wanted to do perform a social activity at Harishchandragad because we like coming here and spending quality time with our friends. No one really cares about the filthy condition at the fort. We would like to take up this initiative at other forts as well.”

The group pays from their own pocket to the local tribals to help them collect the waste bottles. “We need help to organise clean-up drives. We pay Rs 250 per day to the locals who help us to collect the bottles. This time, when we were collecting the alcohol bottles, 10 locals came forward to help us,” added Pawar.