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‘Girls without boyfriend not allowed’: SRM goes to cops on fake circular

The institute has threatened the students against forwarding the fake circular.

The SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) in Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu has filed a complaint with the police on Wednesday, regarding a ‘fake’ circular with the letterhead of the institute which states that ‘Single girls would not be allowed in the campus.’ The fake circular has gone viral, defaming the college and claimed that it was mandatory for the girl students to have a boyfriend. Though the circular reads inane, many have been sharing it in messaging platforms and on social media.

The complaint was filed with the Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram and Chennai police by SRMIST. Taking a serious view of the  situation, the Institution threatened the students of expelling them along with a police complaint if they circulated the notorious fake circular henceforth.

“This is to bring to your kind attention that there are a couple of fake and inappropriate circulars being sent under the name and designation of SRMIST’S administration/Registrar. These circulars contain false information and spoil the image of our Institute. Henceforth any person – student attempting to send such unauthorized letters will be dealt with firmly and expelled from the Institution. A police complaint will also be filed against them,” a notice by the institution said.

The viral letter asking to ‘spread love’ reads, “It is mandatory for each and every female student of SRMIST KTR Campus to have a boyfriend inside the university premises. This has been done for the security purposes. Those girls who are single will not be allowed to enter into premises. They will have to show a recent picture with their boyfriend while entering the campus.” (sic).

The fake circular dated January 22, has the signature of the Registrar N Sethuraman and others including the Chancellor, President etc. have been marked resembling a genuine circular.

Responding to the issue, the Registrar Sethuraman told The Hindu, “We regularly send circulars regarding COVID-19 and the rules regarding the reopening of the college from time to time. Some students have misused the letters. Since we send it by mail and such reworded letters come only through social media, we are unable to trace those involved.”

Source: The News Minute