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Stray dog bludgeoned to death in TN, two men arrested


The murder which was caught on camera, shows a man clubbing the dog to death and then forcing it into a sack even as its tail was wagging.

The police in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai on Saturday arrested two men for brutally killing a stray dog in Sellur village. The murder, which was caught on camera, shows a man bludgeoning the dog to death and then shoving it into a sack even as its tail was still wagging.

The accused involved in the crime were K Mathusaravanan, a manager at a cooking gas cylinder distribution unit, and Vimalraj, a sanitation worker in the Madurai Corporation. The police told TNM that Muthusaravanan paid Vimalraj to kill the dog as it attempted to bite him multiple times whenever he walked by the road in Sellur. Vimalraj undertook the task for a fee.

An unknown person recorded the crime. The video then went viral, forcing the police to act against the two men.

In the video, which TNM will not share due to its graphic nature, Vimalraj can be seen using a wooden log to beat the dog on the side a road. As the dog lay on the ground unable to move, he pushes it into a white sack and leaves the area with it.

According to the Sellur police, the stray grew up on Sivagami street in Sellur and was being taken care of by residents and shopkeepers in the area.

Speaking to The Hindu, a man named Marimuthu from Sivagami street said that he had leashed the dog in his house after Muthusaravanan complained that it was being aggressive. He further alleged that the dog used to bark at Muthusaravanan only after he threw stones at it. Marimuthu stressed the dog had never harmed anyone in the area.

After the video went viral, the Sellur police received a complaint from the local village administrative officer, Muthumari. The police registered a case under section 429 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) for killing the dog and under the provisions of Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act, 1960.

Source: The News Minute