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Covid vaccine hesitancy: Mistrust could threaten, limit coronavirus vaccine rollout

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With coronavirus vaccines in the spotlight, it appears that the biggest challenge govts around the world may face is vaccine hesitancy.

Concerns over safety and the efficacy of the vaccines have been high in common public and could pose a challenge for the governments in carrying out the vaccination.

That hesitancy was most prevalent in Russia, with just 15% of people surveyed willing to get vaccinated as soon as possible and only a further 25% comfortable with the idea of doing so within a year.

In the US, it found a total of 59% of people were willing to get vaccinated within a year with just 33% happy to do so as soon as possible. The highest levels of trust were recorded in India, with 51% looking forward to taking up the vaccine opportunity immediately and a further 29% within a year, for a total of 80%.

In India, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had appealed to people not to be misguided by “rumours” and disinformation campaigns regarding the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, stressing that there would be no compromise on any protocol while approving it.

“I appeal to people not to pay heed to rumours. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of the vaccine is our priority. Different kinds of rumours were spread during polio immunisation but people took the vaccine and India is now polio-free,” Harsh Vardhan was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

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