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Indian restaurant owner tries to send samosa into space, package lands in France

An Indian fast-food restaurant owner in Bath called Neeraj Gadher tried to send samosa and a wrap in space, however, the package landed in France.

To achieve this feat, Gadher packed the snacks in a box and attached it to helium weather balloon along with GoPro camera and a GPS tracker.

In picture: Samosa and a wrap packed by Neeraj Gadher near the Bath skyline as captured by GoPro camera

However, Gadher’s method to document the project malfunctioned when the GPS stopped working after reaching the Bath skyline.

A video summing up the entire experience is laughed upon online after endeavour made global headlines. 

[embedded content]

In an interview with Somerset Live, Gadher said: “I said as a joke once that I would send a samosa into space, and then I thought during this bleak times we could all use a reason to laugh.”

Gadher’s package landed in a forest in Cais, France. It was tracked down after one Instagram user called Alex Mathon responded to Gadher’s plea of hunting it down.

”I was quite surprised when I received this message on Instagram. I didn’t understand why he contacted me, because it’s still an hour from my house,” Mathon told La Voix du Nord.

“It was a bit like a treasure hunt, I thought it was crazy! We usually see this kind of story in the United States. Well, this is in a lost field in Picardy,” Mathon told France3.

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