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'Abu Azmi should go to Saudi': Twitter slams SP leader's victim-shaming comments on Bengaluru molestation incident

Samajwadi Party’s Maharashtra unit chief Abu Azmi toay said though it was the duty of police to ensure safety of women on the New Year eve, women should not forget that “security starts at home”, and that partying late night is not in the Indian culture.

“Partying late night in half attire, blindly following western culture, has never been our culture. Ladies hailing from well-to-do families, be it from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan or UP, they come out in decent attire and mostly with their family members,” he said, when asked about alleged harassment of women in Bangalore during the New Year eve.

“I am saying what happened is very unfortunate. Undoubtedly, making security arrangement to thwart any eventuality is police’s job. But, as far as Bengaluru molestation is concerned, women and their guardians must also take precautions and think that security starts at home. Our women must think about their own security themselves,” Azmi told PTI.

New Year revelry turned into a nightmare for several women who were allegedly molested despite huge police presence at a large gathering at Bengaluru’s downtown region, sparking widespread outrage.

“But when few women in half dress come out on streets at late night with their friends, such incidents do occur,” said Azmi, an MLA from Shivaji Nagar in suburban Mumbai.

Twitter slammed Azmi for his crass remarks:

Sickening: Samajwadi Party’s Abu Azmi justifies the Bengaluru molestation case: says women roam around naked, a blot on Indian culture

— Neha Poonia (@NehaPoonia) January 3, 2017

Abu Azmi says to avoid rape, women shudn’t go out alone like in Saudi. Instead of making India Saudi, better Abu goes off 2 Saudi. No loss.

— Swati Maliwal (@SwatiJaiHind) January 3, 2017

One feels sad for the women folks in his #AbuAzmi ‘s family.. his mother, wife daughters n daughters in law.. @yadavakhilesh

— Manish (@manishkinhikar) January 3, 2017

My common sense every single time #AbuAzmi opens his mouth.

— Sahil Shah (@SahilBulla) January 3, 2017

I wish we had invited him for a special screening of #Pink or let me buy a ticket for him to see!

— taapsee pannu (@taapsee) January 3, 2017

I have an idea.Why don’t we kill all women? Take foeticide to the next level.That’s a great cure of misogyny.Make your babies in a lab.Ok?

— TheRichaChadha (@RichaChadha_) January 3, 2017

Men molestin women r like ants to sugar thn we shud Crush n kill them as ants.Idiot #AbuAzmi #sacksexistnetas #Bengalurushame #newyearhorror

— Vidula Saberwal (@vidULa_twEEts) January 3, 2017

#AbuAzmi is absolutely right.

If you wear a Salwar or Sari – you’re safe.

0 women in those clothes have ever been molested.

Please note.

— Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) January 3, 2017

Abu Azmi says to avoid rape, women shudn’t go out alone like in Saudi. Instead of making India Saudi, better Abu goes off 2 Saudi. No loss.

— Swati Maliwal (@SwatiJaiHind) January 3, 2017

Men like #AbuAzmi should read books on ‘Art to stay mum’. Pls don’t speak to appease certain section for #politicalgain. #Bengalurushame

— Shashank (@Shashankrao06) January 3, 2017

#Karnataka Home Minister n Abu Azmi of Samajwadi Party summoned by women’s rights body for remarks on #Bengaluru molestation

— Rajeev Chandrasekhar (@rajeev_mp) January 3, 2017

He also recited Urdu verses, “Achchi soorat bhi kya buri shay hai, jisne bhi dali…buri nazar dali” “The women are pride of our family and country. Therefore, it is our duty to safeguard them. If we allow them to follow western culture blindly, then I am sorry to say that people will misbehave them in such ways,” the SP leader said. Azmi also defended Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara who had stoked a controversy by blaming the youngsters’ “western ways” for the incidents.

“He (Parameshwara) said the harsh reality. These kind of things do happen when women try to copy the westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing,” he said. Eyewitness accounts suggest that women were molested and groped and lewd remarks were also passed by miscreants late night on December 31 in a posh area of Bengaluru even as it was claimed that 1,500 police personnel had been deployed to control the crowds.

National Commission of Women (NCW) Chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam had come down heavily on the police and slammed Parameshwara’s remarks, demanding that he should resign. The NCW as well as the Karnataka State Commission for Women also sought separate reports from administration and police over the incidents.