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Pune: Sambhaji Brigade vandalises bust of Ram Ganesh Gadkari

Maratha organisation Sambhaji Brigade allegedly vandalised the statue of Marathi poet and 19th century playwright Ram Ganesh Gadkari from Pune’s famous Sambhaji Park.

The organisation has alleged that Sambhaji was wrongly portrayed by the writer in ‘Rajsanyas’.

Four men uprooted the bust and then threw it into the nearby Mutha river. The garden is located along Jangli Maharaj Road.

The incident came to light after a few joggers alerted the authorities, reported Hindustan Times.

The report said that the outfit had warned that they will never tolerate defamation of historic persons, adding that it was ironic that Gadkari’s bust was installed in a garden named after the Maratha king.

A complaint has been filed at Deccan Police Station.

Meanwhile, Pune Mayor Prashant Jagtap announced that the bust will be reinstalled.

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The statue was installed in 1962.