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Soldiers help mother, newborn baby reach home in Kashmir

In a kind gesture, the soldiers posted in Jammu and Kashmir came to the rescue of a woman and her newborn baby and helped them reach their home safely.

The soldiers of the 28 Rashtriya Rifles helped a Kashmiri woman, who had given birth to a baby in the morning on November 27, reach her home, say the reports.

The woman was returning from the government hospital at Sogam after getting discharged when she started experiencing weakness. No vehicle or any other mode of transportation could be arranged because the weather was not amicable and the roads were covered with snow.

There has been heavy snowfall in the upper regions of Jammu and Kashmir recently.

As the woman was not able to walk because of weakness, the soldiers of the 28 Rashtriya Rifles stationed there came out to help in this situation and carried her on a stretcher. They helped the woman and her newborn baby get home.

The Rashtriya Rifles is the Indian army’s elite counter-insurgency battalion in Jammu and Kashmir.

The village elders appreciated the kind gesture of the soldiers.