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Delhi Government to slap Rs 2000 fine for not using mask in public places

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Delhi state government on Friday issued a notification on Friday that hiked the fine amount for not wearing a mask in public places. Now, person found violating government directions will be fined Rs 2000. The fine will also be slapped if a person is found spitting or chewing tobacco in public places, not following quarantine norms and not maintaining social distancing.

The notification was issued by the health department following Delhi Lt Governor Anil Baijal’s approval.

The national capital has witnessed a spurt in coronavirus cases since October 28, when the daily rise breached the 5,000-mark for the first time, and it crossed the 8,000-mark on November 11.

Previuosly, the fine amount for violations was Rs 500.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced the hike on Thursday but officials issued challans for Rs 500 saying that they had not received the notification.

“We have not received any written notification in this regard yet and so we have continued to issue challan of Rs 500 for those found not wearing masks,” said a senior police officer.

Data shared by the Delhi Police showed that a total of 2,507 challans were issued for various violations under COVID-19 guidelines, till 4 pm on Friday. On Friday, over 2,000 challans were issued to people not wearing masks, police officials said.

District teams also imposed the previous fine of Rs 500 on those not wearing masks, saying no notification of the Delhi government has been received by them.

“It is legally not feasible to change the amount of a fine in the absence of a proper government order or notification,” said a district official.

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