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As PUBG India launch nears, Twitter reacts with memes

On Saturday, the official website of the new PUBG India mobile game added download links which gave a hope to the users of the launch being earlier than expected. 

The website showed two download options, first led to an APK download link and the second led to the Google Play store. However, none of the links worked. The small tease by the developers has got the PUBG fans excited, and they have decided to express their emotions through memes.

Indian Twitter was flooded with memes reacting to the news of the game launch ‘any minute now’. We picked up some for you:

Some of the users were also disappointed by the hope given to them by fellow users.

While some are still waiting…

Some Bollywood fans have also been reminded of Sunny Deol’s famous dialogue

Whereas some other believers of ‘glass half full’ have given up hope.

A lot of people also remember Akshay Kumar’s much-talked FAU-G, which was being publicised as the Indian version of the popular game.

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