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‘In Modi’s Gujarat, There Was No Prejudice’: Author Who Once Disliked PM, Says His Views Changed Overnight

Sultan Alimuddin, a former student of the Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Petroleum University in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, showered praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the latter attended the Varsity’s convocation ceremony on Saturday. In a series of throwback tweets, Alimuddin recalled how his perception towards PM Modi took a U-turn as he met him during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Recently, Alimuddin’s book ‘On Point Narendra Modi’ was released in Patna and at the launch ceremony, he had said how he used to dislike the PM when the Godhra riots took place back in 2002. But after he went to Gujarat for study and saw Modi’s development works in the state, he became his fan, he said.

In Saturday’s nostalgic tweets, Alimuddin remembered the time he presented PM Modi with the Holy Quran. “Today is the Convocation of my Alma Mater, PDPU, Gandhinagar where PM @narendramodi is Chief Guest. As one of the earliest alumni of PDPU, I am filled with memories of my stay in Gujarat & meetings with Modi Sir, including when I presented him the Holy Quran. Here is my story (SIC),” he said, adding that since then he has six interactions with him so far.

The author also mentioned how he got an appointment to meet Modi just after he posted a tweet wishing to meet the PM once.

“I came to Gujarat in 2008 to study in PDPU. At that time, I was not happy with the idea of coming to Gujarat. In my mind, Gujarat meant riots and earthquakes. My friends told me to keep away from Gujarat. But, the state and my chats with Modi Sir changed my perception and mindset,” Alimuddin said.

The young mechanical engineer said that he shot a “simple message” on Twitter to PM Modi after “the daily newspapers around March 2010 were full of references to SIT inquiry reports” and was unexpectedly given time for a meeting with him.

Recollecting PM Modi’s words, Alimuddin said that he will “never forget” spoke of his responsibility towards the 55 million Gujaratis in the states. “I will never forget what Modi Sir told me in one of our meetings. He said, “I have done nothing for Muslims. But, please go on to note that I have done nothing for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs either. I am responsible for 55 million Gujaratis and whatever I do, is aimed at serving them,” he said.

“In Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, there was no prejudice, intolerance,” he said, adding that he never for once felt uncomfortable or uneasy in that environment. “Everything was in order. People were co-operative and helpful. Peace and tranquility could be felt in the environment,” he said.

Further, Alimuddin asserted that there was no impediment in his path because of his religion. “I had no problem in dealing with the people while managing, conducting and getting sponsorships for over two dozen events in the college. Engineering life became a memorable journey and sky was the limit for me,” he said.

“During my next meetings, PM Modi continued to add that his vision is to make PDPU a lifeline in energy industry of India. His dream is to make India self-reliant in crucial oil and gas sector where we import over 80% of demand and make us an energy superpower. He also added that he wants every youth to work for his heart. Follow your dreams with an open heart, mind and don’t give up. As a youth, you should be able to fight for anything wrong and then stand for the same without giving in to any fear and reward,” Alimuddin reflected.

“I won’t ever forget what Modi sir told me in December 2013- Do not give up, for the world will always put hurdles in your path. Make the hurdles your friend, if you want to make a mark in the long run. Follow your dreams, for nothing is unachievable in today’s world,” he said.

“Today I am a professional, growing in my career. I have worked both in India and abroad. There is a big change in India’s image globally. I feel proud of that. What makes Modi sir special, I have written my book ON POINT (Upfront & Personal with common man),” he wrote, concluding his thread.

Source: News18