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Hyderabad Man Held For Having a Mini Ganja Farm Inside 3-BHK Flat

A TV grab of the pots of cannabis inside the 3-BHK flat in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A 33-year-old man has been arrested in Hyderabad for cultivating Ganja in his three-bedroom flat in Manikonda, police said on Tuesday

Police have managed to seize 8.6 kg of Ganja and 40 pots containing Ganja plants.

In an attempt to earn maximum profits by evading the police and the danger of procuring Ganja from outside, Syed Shahed Hussain came up with this unique idea of growing cannabis indoors.

On January 1, after specific information, Syed Shahed Hussain was arrested by police when he was selling ganja to customers.

On questioning he revealed that he has been procuring Ganja from his self grown mini field inside his flat.

When police officials raided his house, they were shocked to see that he was cultivating Ganja in a scientific way under controlled temperatures.

N Koti Reddy, Additional DCP, Task force told CNN news 18, “About three months back the accused thought of growing cannabis indoor. He contacted one of his friend by the name Garith Christopher, residing in U.S.A. and as advised by him he saw some videos and learnt the art of cultivating ganja indoors. He had locally purchased all the requirements and started cultivating Ganja in his house on a trial basis.”

During the raid police also seized LED lights which were used to produce artificial heat to the plants, table fan to ensure free flow of air and various chemicals which were used for better growth of the plants.