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Pakistan: Goddess Durga’s idol vandalised in Nagarparkar after navratri

A Hindu temple has been vandalised in Nagarparkar in the Sindh Province of South Asian country Pakistan on Saturday.

The incident happened after the Hindu community had performed prayers of the Hindu festival Navratri. 

An idol of a deity was vandalised as the head of the Goddess Durga was stripped down and the face of the lion was also damaged in the temple.

Senior Sindh Police officials have, however, assured that they are aware of the incident and will soon be making arrests of the people responsible for the disrespectful act.

“We have leads on the incident and will soon be arresting the culprits,” the officials said.

The incident has occurred on one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu religion when the community comes together to pray to and celebrate the Goddess Durga.

This is a developing matter, and more details will be available soon by the local police.

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