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IdeaForge Launches New Micro Drone For High Accuracy Surveying

New Delhi: ideaForge has launched a new micro drone that specialises in mapping and surveying areas with high accuracy, said a press release on Wednesday. Under India’s Swamitva Yojana, over 6.6 lakh villages will be mapped using the indigenously developed micro drones of the Mumbai-based ideaForge, the release stated. A micro drone has a weight of less than 2 kg. “The results (of mapping) will be used to create high resolution maps to maintain accurate land records for all the villages. This will help settle a large number of ongoing property disputes, and make due diligence easier in the buying and selling land,” added ideaForge’s press release.

The newly-launched micro drone called “RYNO” enables users to perform highly efficient land survey operations to develop accurate maps and 3D models, the release noted. RYNO has a flight time of over 40 minutes and it can fly in a range of up to 4 km, the release stated.

ideaForge CEO Ankit Mehta said, “RYNO UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is our first specialized mapping drone and we are extremely pleased with the fact that SOI (Survey of India) has qualified our micro drone for mapping Indian villages (under Swamitva Yojana).” The government-run SOI is India’s principal mapping agency. On the Panchayati Raj Diwas on April 24, the prime minister launched the ‘Swamitva Yojna’, or the ownership scheme, to map residential land ownership in the rural sector with the help of modern technology like drones.

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Source: News18