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Woman rescues deadly snake in a saree, leaves netizens stunned – WATCH


New Delhi: In a bizzare video which has resurfaced on the internet, a saree-clad woman is filmed catching a snake with her bare hands. The woman has been identified as Nirzara Chitti, a Karnataka-based snake rescuer. She is seen brazenly picking up the snake with her bare hands as people filmed the incident.

The video was shared on the microblogging site Twitter on September 12, 2020 and had earlier mentioned the woman’s name as Virat Bhagini which she later rectified with the correct name.

The tweet read: “Virat Bhagini, a snake catcher, was dressed to attend a wedding when she was called to catch a snake in a home. She did it without any special equipment with perfect poise in a saree.”

Watch video:

The clip, less than two minutes long, was filmed last year. It resurfaced on Twitter a few days ago and immidiately captured the attention of netizens. The video shows Chitti dressed in a saree catching the snake, a cobra nonetheless.

In the video, Chitti is heard saying that she was dressed for a function but was called for the snake rescue operation. “Lekin mujhe saree ki vajah se ye handle karne ko nahi ho raha,” she says, explaining that saree made snake-catching difficult.  

The video has garnered 4.5 lakh views on Twitter.

Source: Zee News