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Watch Put Chutney take on Supreme Court’s verdict on Jallikattu, hypocrisy of activists

Ever since the Supreme Court banned Jallikattu, there has been a groundswell in Tamil Nadu attempting to clear the air about the traditional event, stating that it is animal torture as it is being made out by many. The verdict of the court however has ensured that Jallikattu remains banned, endangering the lives and livelihood of farmers, and possibly several native breeds of cattle.

(Read a detailed story on Caravan on how the jallikattu ban threatens indigenous cattle breeds and rural livelihoods in Tamil Nadu)

With Pongal around the corner, Put Chutney has produced a short video on the Jallikattu issue, calling out the Supreme Court over its verdict, the hypocrisy of animal rights activists and the cavalier attitude of the Tamil people over the issue.

Clarifying that Jallikattu was not ‘animal torture’, the video says that sports and events cannot be banned just because players could get injured in it. It also points out how the Cauvery verdict by the Supreme Court is not being adhered to, but Jallikattu one has been.

Watch the full video here

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Source: The News Minute