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After demonetisation, PM Modi promises strong law against `benami` properties

New Delhi: After receiving a positive public feedback on notes ban, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday promised more action against black money and vowed to introduce a strong law to deal with ‘benami’ properties.

“You are possibly aware of a law about Benami property in our country which came into being in 1988, but neither were its rules ever framed, nor was it notified. It just lay dormant,” Modi said in his ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio address.

“We have retrieved it and turned it into an incisive law against Benami property. In the coming days, this law will also become operational,” he said.

The Prime Minister also spoke about some who are devising “newer wily ways and means” to counter the government’s fight against corruption.

“Everyday many new people are being taken into custody, currency notes are being seized, raids are being carried out. Influential persons are being caught.

“The secret is that my source of such information are people themselves,” he said.

“Information being received from common citizens is many times higher than that being obtained through the government machinery,” he added.

Defending the frequent changes in rules after demonetisation, he said: “The government, being a sensitive government, amends rules as required, keeping the convenience of the people as its foremost consideration, so that citizens are not subjected to hardships.

“To counter these new offensives, we too have to devise appropriate new responses and antidotes. When the opponents keep on trying out new tactics, we have to counteract decisively since we have resolved to eradicate the corrupt, shady businesses and black money.”

He also said that rumours spread by some people that political parties enjoy various concessions and exemptions “are wrong”.

“Some people are spreading rumours that political parties enjoy all kinds of concessions. These people are absolutely in the wrong. The law applies equally to all. Whether it is an individual, an organisation or a political party, everyone has to abide by law and everyone will have to,” he said.

“I assure you that this is not the end. This is just the beginning in our fight against corruption. We have to win this war against corruption and black money. There is no question of stopping or going back in this fight,” he said.

The prime minister also lamented the logjam in parliament that evoked strong displeasure from the president and vice president, among others, and said he wanted a good discussion on demonetisation as well as on political funding.

He said some people are spreading rumours that political parties enjoy concessions and exemptions but they are wrong. The law is equally for all.

“It was my earnest wish that the ongoing campaign against corruption and black money, including the realm of political parties and political funding, be discussed extensively in the Parliament. Had the House functioned properly, there would have been comprehensive deliberation,” he said.

Giving a push to his plea for cashless economy, Modi also launched two new schemes for traders and customers that will dole out 15,000 prizes daily to those making digital transactions.

Source: Zee News