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Goa polls will mark beginning of BJP's downfall, claims Congress

Goa Congress chief Luizinho Faleiro on Monday claimed that the forthcoming Goa Assembly polls will mark the beginning of the electoral downfall of BJP in the country and resurgence of his party.

“Congress party is fully attuned to the aspirations and wishes of the people of the state and will respect the same, which is certain to ensure that it (Congress) will secure minimum 25 seats with BJP battling to secure even five (seats),” Faleiro said at a press conference here.

Listing out various failures of the BJP-led government, he said the “forthcoming state Assembly elections will certainly mark the beginning of the electoral downfall of the BJP in the country and will mark the resurgence of a stronger Congress”.

“As BJP’s own ally MGP has said, the tenure of the BJP led Goa government has regressed the state by ten years,” he said, adding that the government has failed to keep up its promises, like formation of land use plan for the state and special status.

Faleiro said the mounting loans and pledging of state securities have hit the roof, putting Goa in a debt trap.

“The government has ensured complete mess on the issue of the Medium of Instruction (MOI) which is a deliberate attempt to polarise society for political gains at the cost of the future of the state and its students,” he said.