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Election is a secular exercise, politicians can`t seek vote in name of religion, caste: Supreme Court

New Delhi: In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court on Monday said no politician can seek vote in the name of caste, creed, or religion.

Religion can have no role in electoral process, the seven-judge Constitution bench said.

The Supreme Court said election is a secular exercise and thereby its way and process should be followed.

The top court further stated that relationship between man and God is an individual choice, the state is forbidden to interfere in such an activity.

SC in majority verdict held that any appeal for votes on ground of religion amounts to corrupt practices under electoral laws.

With Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections expected to be held in February, the SC order can have a huge impact in the sensitive state.

Political parties have long tried to reap the benefits by playing the religion and caste card in the politically sensitive UP.

Source: Zee News