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Why didn't PM Modi mention that Muslims were part of Shivaji's army: Asaduddin Owaisi

Starting his party’s campaign for Mumbai civic body (BMC) polls, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not mentioning contribution of Muslim soldiers in the service of Shivaji during the bhoomi-poojan of the warrior king’s memorial here.

“We do not oppose spending of over Rs 3,600 crore for construction of a memorial. But while PM was talking about the great deeds of Shivaji, why didn’t he mention the Muslims who were part of Shivaji’s army and gave their lives for him,” Owaisi said, addressing a rally at Nagpada here. “Shivaji was loved because he never took an inch of farmers’ land. If Shivaji were alive today, who knows what he would have done to those who are using his name to waste money,” Owaisi said.

Modi last month performed bhoomi-poojan for an ambitious Shivaji memorial off Mumbai coast. On Modi’s address to the nation yesterday, Owaisi said the PM only raked up old schemes for “cheap popularity”.

“He said Rs 6,000 would be given to pregnant women. But the Parliament in 2013 passed the food security act. Its section 4 (b) says every pregnant lady will get Rs 6,000,” said the AIMIM leader.

Modi had promised to construct 20 million houses by 2022 but a mere 6,716 houses had been constructed so far, he said.

“Muslims represent around 21 per cent of total population in BMC wards. If the budget of BMC is Rs 36,000 crore, Rs 7,700 crore should have been allotted for development of Muslims, which was not done,” he said. “Even if we (his party) are able to elect only 30-40 corporators, we will ensure that injustice done to Muslims all these years is not repeated,” Owaisi said.