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IIT Roorkee Hosts Summer Internship Program SPARK in Online Mode Amid Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has cancelled all the educational conferences and meeting scheduled between March to June. While this might extend for a longer period, several institutes are still looking for alternative means to carry on with their planned programs.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, has switched to online mode to host its summer internship program. The interns participating in the internship program named ‘SPARK’ will be working remotely.

In an official statement to PTI, IIT Roorkee Director Prof Ajit K. Chaturvedi said, “I appreciate the SPARK team for quickly adapting to the reality of the lockdown and offering internships in the online (remote) mode when most of the summer internship programs in academic institutions have been canceled across the country”.

The institute has received more than 15,000 online applications, out of which 65 interns have joined the program. SPARK will focus on providing research exposure to the selected undergraduate students in the country.

These undergraduate students will be selected from other engineering educations, especially the IITs and NITs. Each intern will receive a handsome fellowship of Rs 2,500 per week for the entire period of the program.

These students will be working under 17 different departments of the institute. Their work will include research in areas of science, engineering, management, and social sciences.

IIT Roorkee has recently proved its top-notch research when a professor developed software to detect coronavirus within 5 seconds. The professor patented his research, which took him 40 days to develop.

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