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PM Modi`s decisions pro-people so Congress can`t digest them: Ministers

New Delhi: Attacking Congress for criticising Prime Minister’s announcements, senior Union Ministers on Sunday alleged that the Opposition party is “unable to digest” any step that benefits the poor and those living in villages.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the decisions announced by PM Narendra Modi last evening were pro-people and pro-development and he is taking the country forward with his vision and leadership.

“The announcements made by the Prime Minister will benefit ‘gaon’ (village), ‘gareeb’ (poor) and ‘kisan’ (farmers) and all other sections of the society. The Prime Minister has once again made it clear that the NDA government is dedicated to the welfare of poor and weaker sections of the society,” he said in a statement.

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said the “sins” of the opposition party will be “quantified” once the data on black money unearthed is made public.

Naidu also took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over reports of him being in London for New Year, saying it shows “how serious” the party was when it comes to issues of the people.

He said that PM’s announcements should not be termed as “sops”, and asserted that the poor, middle class, farmers and small traders were only being given their due that was denied to them by the system which was under the command and control of the those having black money.

“As usual, the Congress and some of their friends are feeling a lot of discomfort on the New Year day as Prime Minister reached out to the needy section with helping hand,” he said

Naidu said that since November 8, the Congress and their friends have been “shedding crocodile tears” over the hardship caused to the people.

“When the Prime Minister announced the much-desired relief and welfare measures for the farmers, middle class, senior citizens, poor and small businessmen and women, the Congress party is not able to digest it,” he said.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister said that rattled by Modi’s outreach, the Congress in wisdom has preferred to question the timing of the announcement of this relief.

He asked as to why the Congress says that PM Modi should have waited for Parliament session.

“The nefarious design of the Congress seems to be that they could have prevented the Prime Minister from helping the needy sections of the society by disrupting Parliament as they have done in the Winter Session,” he said.

The Home Minister said the launching of two new housing schemes on low interest rates will help in realising the dream of housing for all by 2022.

“The country can’t prosper and become strong unless there is development of weaker sections.

“The decision to give relief to farmers on interest payments and conversion of three crore Kisan Credit Cards into Rupay cards will be very helpful,” he said. 

Naidu also took a dig at those claiming that the PM had

given a “budget speech”, denying the Finance Minister his opportunity.

“I am even more surprised with the Congress worrying over what the finance minister would be doing with the budget to be presented soon.

“With so much experience in government, Congress does not seem to be knowing what the broad objectives of Budget are.

“Budget is all about bringing out the present status of the economy and the government’s road map for the next year including tax proposals,” he said.

Naidu said that last month’s announcement of note withdrawal was an effective “anti-corruption, anti-black money vaccine”.

He said that the vaccine is enabling tracking of black money as all cash has come into the system. He said “it will take some time but government will find out what is black and what is white”.

He said that leaders of Congress party and some of their friends have been spending sleepless nights since they came to know that Modi would be addressing the nation again.

“They were probably worried about the amount of black money the Prime Minister would announce as recovered under remonetisation. This worry continues as he did not put out any figure,” Naidu said.

The Minister said that the Prime Minister has made it amply clear that efforts to trace black money would continue more vigorously till the last rupee is traced.

“The amount will be announced when this exercise concludes. When this is done, the magnitude of the sins committed by the Congress in all these years will be quantified,” he said.

Asked about media reports that Rahul Gandhi is on a holiday to London for New Year, Naidu said, “Normally, we don’t make personal comments and that too when people go on holidays. We have never questioned that.”

“But it (Rahul’s trip) is an indication to people how serious the Congress is towards the problems of the people. Because till yesterday they were saying problems are very serious, we will fight it out….”

He said Rahul standing in ATM queues and with traders were nothing but “political photo opportunity”.

He accused Gandhi of just doing “nautankbazi and photobazi”.

Asked about his accusations against Modi on the issue of Sahara and Birla diaries, Naidu said the Congress was following the “spit and run” tactic.

He also spoke about the family feud in the Samajwadi party and termed it as “pure drama”.

He said the drama would eventually end in political tragedy for the party.

Singh said the schemes announced for the farmers, traders, pregnant women were commendable.

“Economy will get a boost and there will be speedy development in the country,” he said. 

Source: Zee News