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Bhopal’s Nishatpura Rail Coach Factory Readies 40 Isolation Coaches for Covid-19 Patients

The factory management is now awaiting an official order for the supply of these coaches.

A worker wearing a protective mask walks in between passenger trains in which beds are being installed to set up isolation facilities amid concerns about the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Chennai. (Reuters)

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh’s Nishatpura rail coach factory in Bhopal has readied 40 special coaches to be used for isolating coronavirus patients.

The factory staff has converted sleeper coaches into mini-isolation facilities where patients will have a mini ward with enough space for a physician and para-medical staff.

The factory management is now awaiting an official order for the supply of these coaches.

Besides producing isolation coaches, the Railways entity is also preparing safety equipment for railway staff.

The factory, which normally produces modern rail coaches, had recently received orders from headquarters to produce isolation wards.

The medical equipment will first be supplied to Railway hospitals and other government hospitals.

The factory has prepared 40 isolation coaches and each coach has the capacity to accommodate 10 patients at a time, said an officer. Every section would be isolated with the help of curtains. Oxygen supply and other equipment have been installed in these coaches.

Amid high number of Covid19 cases and limited space to keep patients in isolation, the Railways board had said 20,000 train coaches would be turned into isolation wards if required. It had written to zonal offices to make arrangements for converting 5,000 train coaches into isolation facilities in the first phase.

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