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Field hospitals can create 10 bed ICU facility in 6-hour notice: Army chief

Indian army’s field hospitals have been instructed by the Army Chief MM Narvane to be ready to set up a  45-bed isolation facility and create 10-bed ICU facility exclusively for COVID-19 patients at six hours notice. About 30% of Field Hospitals have been put on standby for constructing coronavirus hospitals in hotspots. These are part of the Indian army’s measures to deal with the crisis, which is a global pandemic. 

Speaking in response to several media questions via emails, General Naravane  said, “Next few weeks will be crucial to prevent negative effects of this deadly mutant virus.”

He said that the coronavirus crisis is in a preparatory stage in India and the army has the “inherent capability to rise up to various emergency situations by virtue of organizational structure and training.”

Army’s Quick Reaction Medical Teams (QRMTs) will be ready to mobilize at six hours notice to meet the requirements of the hospitals/ civil administration.

He also said, “There is likely to be an increase in demand for medical services for both infected/ suspected cases within the army and also requisition from civil administration in the coming days. Necessary instructions have been passed to the Command Headquarters to augment medical facilities.”

Army has established quarantine facilities at Manesar, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur for the evacuees from China, Italy and Iran and additional four locations have been earmarked for setting up of wellness/ quarantine facilities. Till now 372 evacuees have been treated at Manesar and currently, 82 are under quarantine. At Jaisalmer, 484 citizens who were evacuated from Iran are under quarantine and another 277 at Jodhpur.