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Delhi Police Receive 1,700 Calls on Helpline, Some Callers Said Running Out of Essential Commodities

Delhi police received 1,700 calls on Thursday on their 24-hour helpline dedicated to addressing queries related to the 21-day lockdown and some of the callers complained to them that they were running out of essential commodities and sought passes to commute, officials said.

They said a number of queries on the helpline 011-23469526 related to circulars, instructions and prohibitory orders issued by the police.

A total of 1,700 calls were received till 5 pm on the helpline, they said.

Of the total calls, 200 were made by people residing outside Delhi and seeking passes to commute during the lockdown. Some callers said they did not have food supply while others said they did not have ration or money.

A senior police official said the complaints were forwarded to respective departments. Some in need of ration and food supply were put in touch with people who have offered to help those in distress, he said.

Police have maintained a record of volunteers providing essential goods to those in need and the details of such callers were shared with them.

Several callers required medical assistance and they were assured that they are allowed to visit their doctor with their medical reports, the official said.

About 150 calls were made by people who wanted to visit their family members, acquaintances and relatives residing elsewhere. They were educated by officers about the need to maintain social distancing.

There were also calls from people who wanted to attend cremation, the official added.

The helpline is being supervised by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Licensing) Asif Mohd. Ali and his staff.

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Source: News18