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Bhilwara’s Tale of Negligence: Infected Doctors, Latest COVID-19 Case Hint at Possibility of Community Spread

An investigation has revealed that a person from Bhilwara, which has turned into the coronavirus capital of Rajasthan and from where the state’s first Covid-19 death has been reported, was admitted to five different hospitals with an increasingly deteriorating condition before finally being tested positive for Coronavirus on Wednesday. Meanwhile the person, whose name is being withheld, is believed to have transmitted the disease to many other people.

The administration has imposed curfew in nine villages of Bhilwara, which were till yesterday out of the purview of the curfew in the rest of the city, after the test result of this person was reported as positive. Twenty six members of his family have also been quarantined.

The root of the transmission to this person is said to be the same hospital – Brijesh Bangar Memorial hospital – in Bhilwara whose Coronavirus infected doctors treated hundreds of patients before being tested positive for the pandemic while infecting the patients and their own staff with the deadly virus.

“This person had visited Bangar hospital in the first week of March after feeling some heart ache. At the hospital he received treatment but when his condition did not improve he was referred to a hospital in Ahmedabad. After returning home he, still feeling some uneasiness, visited Bangar hospital again and was sent home this time. He then went to a government clinic near his village after a few days and from there again he was referred to a government hospital – MG hospital in the city where finally his blood samples were sent for testing, which came back as positive on Wednesday afternoon,” said a government official.

However officials, who did not wish to be named, said they feared a spike in cases in rural Bhilwara because in the last few days this person met between 100-150 persons daily. That’s because of a rumour about him dying at his home. Since he was a person of repute, a lot of people came in to pay their respects.

“Now we’ve sealed all these villages and are questioning everyone who came to meet him. We’re getting their blood samples as well. This is apart from the quarantine of the twenty-six people from his family that we have already ensured. Meanwhile, this person is getting proper treatment and his condition is steadily improving,” said the official.

The story from Bhilwara follows the same pattern of repeated negligence that has allowed many coronavirus-positive persons to roam about freely, spreading the disease at an alarming rate within their community.

On Thursday, the first Covid-19 related death was reported from Bhilwara. Of the total of 37 Coronavirus positive cases, 17 have been reported from this city. The deceased was identified as one 73-year-old Narayan Singh, resident of Sham ki Sabzi Mandi, Bhilwara.

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