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Pak fashion designer, husband under fire over sending coronavirus patient home

Celebrities can play a crucial role in spreading awareness and containing the coronavirus outbreak.

But, some of them have dropped the ball, like a fashion designer and her husband from Pakistan’s Lahore.

Maria butt and her husband have been accused of helping a COVID-19 patient escape. 

After learning that her house help, Hafiz Farooq has tested positive for coronavirus, Maria’s husband failed to inform the authorities instead he sent him back to his home via public transport, endangering several other lives.

The Lahore police got to know about the incident during a routine patrol and filed an FIR against Maria’s husband.

During the investigation, the police sent a person to the couple’s house disguised as the cook’s relative to elicit a confession.

On March 24, Maria released a video in which she defended her self and her husband while alleging mistreatment and harassment by police.

However, Maria failed to mention why the FIR was filed in the first place.

Describing the police encounter as “abuse and harassment”, Maria called herself a responsible citizen of the country.

However, both of them admitted that they sent the cook back home after discovering his status.

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