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Amid Delhi violence, BJP leader saves Muslim family from angry mob chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’: Report

At challenging times like these, when Delhi is experiencing unrelenting violence since the last 48 hours in clashes over the amended citizenship act, a pleasing portrait of communal harmony was also witnessed in the national capital. According to a report by the India Today network, a BJP councillor on Tuesday saved a Muslim family from before an angry mob and thus set a positive example for communal harmony.

The incident occurred in the Yamuna Vihar region of Delhi. The local BJP ward councillor, who the news agency did not name, saved the Muslim family when an angry mob consisting of around 150 people were almost ready to set the aforementioned family’s house ablaze.

The report by India Today elaborated on the incident in an exclusive interview to the network. Though the family did not want to be named, they informed that the incident occurred late Monday night. According to the head of the family, they heard an angry mob, raising slogans of ‘Jay Shri Ram’, rapidly approaching the vicinity of their home at around 11 PM on Monday. There were no police personnel present in the region, nor was there any way to escape due to barricades on the other side of the road.

But the mob reportedly breached the barricades and was engaging in acts of arson and violence, the terrified family told the network. However, it was then that the BJP councillor, who had been a long-time family friend of the aforementioned Muslim family, arrived as the saviour. He reportedly took the responsibility of calming down the angry mob on his own shoulders and performed to his entire capacity to defuse the charged atmosphere. After desisting the angry mob, the Muslim family was saved.

The entire family is thankful to the BJP councillor for saving their lives, the report stated.

In the wake of fresh violence breaking out in northeast Delhi over the citizenship issue, acts of stone-pelting, arson, and vandalism continued on Tuesday between rival groups.

According to last received updates, at least ten individuals, including a policeman, were killed and over 100 injured till now in the unrelenting violence that has spiraled its way into the national capital.

Shops were burnt and people armed with sticks and rods were on streets in Jaffrabad, Maujpur, Bhajanpura, Chand Bagh and Karawal Nagar in northeast Delhi.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday attended a high-level meeting that was chaired by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

When asked if he’ll ask for the army to be called, Kejriwal said that the Centre has promised that adequate police personnel will be provided. “If it is needed then I hope…But right now the action is being taken by police…We’ve been assured that adequate police personnel will be deployed as required,” he added.

Delhi Police, hospitals and Delhi Fire Service has been given appropriate instructions to bring the situation under control, Delhi Chief Minister said.