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Reaching out to masses: BJP to ‘discuss and publicise’ Union Budget 2020 with state-level workshops

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has now come up with a measure to counter the strong criticism that the central government has been facing over India’s economic slowdown. To tackle the opposition’s attempts to discredit the Union Budget 2020, the saffron camp has now decided to organise state-level workshops to create awareness among the people regarding the pro-people policies that have been formulated by the Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the centre in its annual budget.

The order to organise popular workshops at a state-level has come straight from BJP president JP Nadda, who has said that it is necessary for people to know the ‘people-friendly policies’ of the Budget, especially since the opposition has been reacting sharply to it ever since Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented it in the Parliament on February 1.

The opposition has been highlighting that the Union Budget 2020 does not address the problem of unemployment and slow growth. While addressing reporters outside the Parliament after the Union Budget was announced, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi had said, “The main issue is unemployment. I did not see any concrete, strategic idea that could help our youngsters get jobs. There were redundant things in the budget and I did not see any central idea.”

The BJP has taken note of this and has now directed all state units to conduct organise workshops between February 16 and February 23 to ‘discuss and publicise’ the Union Bidget 2020, so that the people harbour no disinformation.

At these workshops, speakers from a financial background will be invited. Businessmen and professional organisations will also be present. Directions have been sent out to organise press conferences after the workshops in which one speaker from the Centre and one from the State will participate. 

The workshops will be coordinated by BJP National General Secretaries Ram Madhav and P Murlidhar Rao.

“Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Budget in the Parliament under the visionary and most popular leader of the world Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister concluded that new reforms will help to accelerate the economy, financially empower every citizen and strengthen the foundation of the economy in this decade,” reads the communique sent out by the party to the state head offices.

An intellectual meet will also be organised from February 24 to March 31 in every district, the BJP elaborated, adding that either an MP or a specialist from the respective state will highlight parts of the Union Budget 2020, following which a press conference will also take place.

“One intellectual meet regarding Budget to be organised from February 24 to March 31 in every district. Highlights of the Budget should be presented. Business and professional organisations should participate. Either MP or specialist from the State should present the highlights followed by the press conference,” a senior party leader said.

Besides all of these, social media organisers have also been asked to widely publicise the events. The BJP is leaving no leaf unturned in its attempt to reach out to people over the economic policies.