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Chinese woman travels to Madhya Pradesh`s Mandsaur, marries her long-term boyfriend as per Indian rituals


In a tale of love transcending two countries, a Chinese woman travelled all the way to India to marry her partner as per Indian customs and rituals. The woman arrived in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, along with her parents and got married to a young man. This story found its roots in Canada five years ago where the duo, Siddharth and Ji Hao, met in Sheridan College in Oakville. Soon they fell in love and consequently a decision was taken by their families to solemnise the marriage.

Shibo Wang and his wife Jin Guan from China’s Djiyong married their daughter to the son of Ved Mishra and Jyoti Navhal and were very pleased with Indian hospitality and customs. They are confident about her daughter’s happy married life.

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The father of the bride called India “a great country”, adding that he is very impressed by the hospitality and expressed his happiness in marrying his daughter to Siddharth. Jin Guyan said that her daughter and Siddharth have a very good understanding and is confident of her daughter’s happiness. Ji Hao explained how she came close to Siddharth due to his helpful nature. She added that although Indian wedding customs are different from the traditional way of China, she likes it. 

Siddharth is also very happy with this marriage. His father said that he got to know about this love by monitoring his son’s activities on Facebook. He arrived in Canada to meet his now daughter-in-law in Canada and spoke to her parents in China via video calling. After this, they decided on the marriage.

Source: Zee News