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Ten Things to Make You Sound Smarter at New Year Party

First published: December 31, 2016, 9:58 PM IST | Updated: 0 mins ago

Picture for representation only.

Headed to a New Year Party now? Here are 10 Key Takeaways designed to make you look smarter in your Conversations tonight.

1. Bharat a gainer. India, well, just a teeny-weeny bit

2. No, you don’t have new six or seven-digit lakh crore figures. PM’s speech mum on how much money returned to banks

3. Your cash withdrawal curbs to stay.

4. Maybe a good time to buy cement and steel stocks as hefty interest rate rebates announced for housing loans for poor

5. Only 24 lakh Indians have declared they earn more than Rs 10 lakhs. You are probably safe, but if your friend has a big house and a big car and is not among 24 lakhs, beware the taxman is coming!.

6. Modi did not use his trademark “Mitron” even once. It’s “Doston” now, folks!

7. Modi quoted a line by ‘Allama’ Iqbal, the Spiritual father of Pakistan. Now that’s an interesting choice

8. The shunning of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty continues – no reference to Nehru as Modi reeled out names of other big Indian politicians from history

9. Modi looks determined to reform political funding and holding simultaneous central and state elections. Expect some action on this front

10. Dodgy bankers and corrupt govt officials who gamed demonetisation beware. Big Brother knows who you are and what you have done.