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Law will Take its Course With Full Force: Modi’s Warning to ‘Dishonest'


First published: December 31, 2016, 9:36 PM IST | Updated: 10 mins ago

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News Delhi: Besides a string of sops, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his New Year’s eve address also set out a stern warning of tough action against the “dishonest” people who tried to exploit the demonetisation drive.

He also assuaged the honest people that the government will act as a friend to them so that their difficulties are eased.

“The law will take its course with full force. The government will help the honest and protect them and see their difficulties are eased. How honest will gain from the government. This government is a friend of good people and wants to build on the good environment for the people to return to goodness,” he said.

Acknowledging that “serious offences” have been committed by some bank and government officials taking advantage of
situation, he said “they will not be spared”.